Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's like when you're in an empty stairwell, climbing slowly, one step at a time, not necessarily going up or down because that's just what the earth's rotation wants you to think. And you can hear scuffed shoes from ceiling to floor to corners and bricks and inside bricks. It's a little creepy because you don't know if you're alone or if imaginary characters are more than just another concept in this story. Or maybe alone is just another room in your mind. But either way, you can't help but mix words with scuffed shoes and drill it into bricks with elbows and voices that tend to crack, but it's okay because we have enough concrete to fill things up.

And maybe no one is looking, or maybe that's just when they decide to turn their cameras on but no one can ever figure out how the plugs fit in or what they're plugging up.

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