Sunday, May 01, 2011

"Is this the life I wanted to lead?"
I think as my head digs into a pillow.
My mind lands on a country scene.
A villa, colored peach in the sun,
sits with its legs crossed atop a hill.
The grass is greener than it should be allowed.
One side of a hill is scraped
by a patch of tilled land.

I park my red scooter by the villa.
It looks like a cherry stuck into sorbet.
I call out a girl's name and hear a quick answer
from inside.
We embrace and kiss.
Her dress is white with a blue flower pattern.
It floats up and touches my fingers
I smile because I can't help myself.
Her neck smells like flour, sugar, and cinnamon.

Inside is cool but bright.
I stretch my arms out of habit
and land face down on our couch.
I hear laughter and turn my head
to see her in the kitchen.
The window casts a spotlight on her.
I pick up a book and turn the page
to where I left off.
The pages smell like her fingers
mixed with lemons.
I know this because she curls up
right next to me.

My eyes open to pitch black.
Sprinklers hiss outside.
A dog cries from someone's patio.
Is this the life I want to lead?

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