Friday, September 18, 2009

Chicago Acoustic

the cloud wasteland was the
the click click thunk of
plastic wheels worn down
on tiles
and sidewalk cracks
pulling at everything I
own by a cheap
metal handle
"are we here?"
we smiled to each other

while we walk
we can smell the sky
entrance into keyless doors
massive room filled with bodies
of energy
confused stares
into familiar faces we haven't
"it's all so much smaller in reality"
we smiled to each other

we held each others' hands
octopi would be jealous
we sing into ears
that might be listening
and mimic dances
and we hug each other
relieved to know
we exist

we snorted into cups
and forgot the public
while the forks and wooden sticks
still felt the same
between our fingers
"this dinner makes no sense"
we smiled to each other

we stayed up late
the conman's method of
lengthening days
we shared beds
"are you asleep yet?"
we smiled to each other

we waited
we cry without shedding tears
until we do
and we squeeze each other
until the choking feeling goes

I lose myself
riding above the wing
staring below into the
light garden
the past days waving over me
recent memories
lights above town

we smiled to each other

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