Friday, April 17, 2009

A Squirrely Poem

The crack and sigh of the
Discontented nut as eager
Teeth work towards its center

The beast of many colors,
Always hiding behind the
Shade of its own tail, gnaws away
At useless cardboard skin to
Get at the heart of the matter,
The core of the single chamber
With air conditioned by earth and
The bottoms of so many paws
And feet.

Beady eyes that stare out
With innocent ferocity
Along streets named "Indifference",
A dare to the whole world that
Always goes unanswered until
The passing of sneakers, a thump
And a beat.

The beast scatters carrion and
Dismembered joints from its meal
Over dirt and cracks in the road
But stores just enough between its
Cheeks, because the last bite
Is the best bite for this beast
To eat.

For Phil

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