Monday, February 09, 2009

Story for Halloweentime

It's a laser light show. Beams of colors shoot straight out onto sheets of white and into the back of my head and out again.

I am a robot. This is what I've been made to do. Put a quarter in the slot. I will say what you want me to say, whatever you want to hear. Phraseswordssyllableslettersshapessounds. It's all the same. All meaningless. Meaningless because they lack blood. Mummified, not vampires. Vampires thirst for it. Mummies are dry, crackled, covered in bandages so you never really get to see how it is, how things things are.

I am a robot. Push these buttons, watch my eyes light up and steam shoot out of my ears. I'll dance if you scream at me loud enough. And if you sit still, patient, listen, I'll sing.

I am a robot. I will not mean anything I say but I will know how to say it.

I am a robot but that's not how I was born.

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