Monday, November 17, 2008

Dig deep. This is your chance to make it matter. When we
are swallowing earthworms, grinding dirt and flesh 'tween
our teeth, I'll remember this moment and wonder
"Why didn't you spit it all out?" and realize
all the ties your tongue liked wearing for occasions.

We will commemorate, as hard as we can, the
feeling of sweat and breath under our fingernails.
Statues will be built in memoriam, but they
are only good for birds that refuse to stretch their
wings. It was so easy to feign death when our eyes
Were already closed so tight and we cast ourselves
In rust.

If I had known this is how life would become I
wouldn't have kicked so hard in the womb.

We are all dead on the inside. It is just that
some of us bury it, hide it from prying eyes,
better than others. So grab your shovels and spades
when all you care about is diamonds and clubbing
hearts. This is your chance to dig deep.

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