Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Streetlight Anomaly...

I am sure that there are some wondering what a streetlight anomaly is, if it even exists, or if it is just an interesting pairing of words.

I spend a great amount of time in transit. We all do. Going from one place to another by car, bus, foot, dreams and reality. It is mindless, cursory, the interval between one thing and another, the liminal.

I learned about the liminal in my poetry class. It is the space between two wholes, the border, not completely one or the other. Twilight is the common example. What is interesting about the liminal space is that it is the point in which anything is possible, the time that makes one wonder, wander.

And there is a moment within all this that makes one twitch, that makes one look up from sand and dust. A streetlight that lasts too long or is skipped in its programmed, ingrained cycle or changes from yellow back to green.

The anomaly. The moment that makes a person actually think about whatever might have been bouncing the walls of his or her mind; a thought standing precariously over the edge of oblivion saved at the last moment by a steady grip, a shake of the head, a realization of existence.

And that is the streetlight anomaly.

Enjoy your stay.

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